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5 Tips for Writing Sizzling Blog Post Titles

Brilliant blog posts often die in the cyber graveyard.

No matter how valuable, in-depth and insightful your blog posts are, without a sizzling title attached to the post, these creations tend to be completely ignored by most readers.

Like it or not, many folks judge a present based on the wrapping paper you use.

People often judge a book by its cover and deem a blog post read-worthy by its title.

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Creating appealing blog post titles:

  • Boosts your click-through rate
  • Increases your blog traffic
  • Creates an emotional bond between you and your readers

Follow these powerful tips to craft attractive blog post titles.

1: Add Colorful Words

Inject colorful words into your blog post titles.

Boost clicks.

Increase blog traffic.

Note the use of the word “sizzle” in this blog post title.  Simple word usage works nicely from a clarity perspective by adding intriguing words usually creates a surge in clicks.

You think in pictures. If a blogger appeals to your picture-thoughts by crafting an easy to imagine, vivid titles, the blogger did some of your thinking legwork for you.

Expect to attract more blog visitors by digging into your bag of colorful words for injecting into blog post titles. Refer to a thesaurus if you need suggestions.

2: Solve Specific Problems

Re-read this blog post title.

Go ahead, do it.

You know specifically what you are getting after reading the title.

Any blogger struggling to write enticing, attractive, traffic-driving titles would tend to click through to read this post. Even successful bloggers wanting to test a few tricks of the title trade may stop by to see what’s shaking.

No lack of clarity exists around the title; you expect 5 helpful tips to write sizzling titles. No excess wording, or no filler, sneaks its way into the headline.

Struggling title creators often publish run-on, bloated, unclear titles rife with added information that never needed to be added in the first place.

Trim the blog post title fat after your initial brainstorming sessions. Get clear. Get specific.

Address pressing problems in your blogging niche.

Blogging tips themed bloggers would only solve specific blogging themed problems like how to drive blog traffic, how to boost your blogging profits, or 5 tips to create attractive blog titles, among other titles intriguing to bloggers.

Stay on topic.

Boost clicks.

Get a feel for your reader’s problems.

Promise to deliver these clear problems through your blog post titles.

Simple wins in the blogging game.

As a reminder to keep titles and blog posts themselves simple, enjoy this post by Azreen at WHSR: Stop Scaring Readers Away (Make Your Writing Simple).

3: Observe Past Sizzlers

Check out past spicy titles that generated big-time pop.

Spot patterns.

Capitalize on past success by mimicking blog post titles.

Do not copy titles outright. Craft attractive creations through the art of tweaking popular old blog post titles to add some spice to these numbers.

Reviewing certain metrics like overall blog post volume, social shares or even blog comments clues you in to what titles performed the best according to various qualifiers.

Be thorough in researching old blog titles. Patterns emerge through careful, patient analysis. Perhaps add a specific word to a title drove traffic through the roof. Did a question mark make readers take pause, increasing blog comments? Maybe a certain detail inspired readers to click through in record numbers, like if you celebrated a blog milestone.

Carefully observe past blog post title success to create appealing titles.

If you are struggling to find successful titles that worked with your blog – or maybe you have few posts to choose from – check out this super helpful guide from Paula at Twelve Skip: 100 Plus Blog Post Title Temples That Grab Attention.

4: Big Numbers Draw Big Interest

Big numbers tend to get big clicks in the blog title game.

People dig helpful content.

Readers dig oodles of helpful content.

Create titles like “14 tips” or “12 steps” to pique reader interest.

Follow up with a rich, in-depth blog post delivering on the title promise.

Writing blog post titles based on numbers creates order in reader minds. If you establish order in someone’s mind they become attracted to your title and potentially to future blog posts, as long as you serve up the steak with the sizzle via your valuable, resource-style blog post.

5: Please Polarize

If your blog post titles appeal to everybody you are in big trouble.


Craft highly positive, loving blog post titles to appeal to folks feeling the love.

Create deeply negative, fearful blog post titles to hit pain points that both sting readers but also alert them to problems that need solving.

Polarizing is one secret to engineering genuinely eye-popping titles. Lukewarm headlines don’t cut it. Trying to toe the line results in ho-hum response to your creations. Nobody wants a wishy-washy blogger attempting to gain mass appeal.

Take a stand. Even if you alternate between incredibly uplifting, exciting and freeing titles, and perhaps a darker, more compassionate, pain point heavy headline, polarizing each title to appeal specifically to readers experiencing a clear set of emotions.

I published a guest post on Matthew Loomis’ blog recently that challenged many mainstream media fluff pieces on hyper-successful bloggers: 1 Dangerous Truth Hiding Behind Every Blogging Success Story.

Your Turn

How are you crafting enticing blog post titles?

Are your titles driving blog traffic?

What tips can you add to this list?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.