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How to Write Blog Posts Quickly

The ability to write blog posts quickly brings countless potential to your daily routine, allowing you to improve your business and/or explore your next big idea. Unfortunately, several factors typically get in the way: Conducting intensive research, finding appropriate images, ensuring everything is flowing smoothly, among other publishing-related tasks.

The good news is that you can still improve your writing and publishing speed by incorporating at least one of the following into your work routine.

Use Common Headline Tactics

Coming up with blog post titles is always fun, but it can also be a challenging step. After all, this is among the first things that draws your readers’ attention, so it’s wise not to take them for granted. Thankfully, though, relying on tried-and-true headlines can deliver a powerful punch while also saving you some time.

Always have a large set of common blog post headline techniques available. These are more commonly known as “Headline hacks,” made popular by the likes of Jon Morrow and Copyblogger. They remain popular today because they still work quite well.

Some examples include:

The Shocking Truth About…
5 Things that XYZ Don’t Want You to Know
Are You Making these 7 XYZ Mistakes?
What [Famous Celebrity] Can Teach Us About Blogging

Using these title/headline ideas give you a starting point about your next blog post, potentially saving you from feeling overwhelmed.

Adapt a Logical Post Structure

Sometimes we are so passionate about certain topics that we don’t really know where to start. Following a cohesive structure can help your ideas flow more logically, enabling you to write blog posts quickly and efficiently.

For example, incorporate certain article types into your monthly publishing schedule such as lists, how tos and infographics. This way you know what to expect as the month goes by.

Additionally, create an outline of the different sections you’d like to cover, such as “Features, Benefits, Potential Problems, and Conclusion.” Adapting a predictable flow creates a tunnel vision that helps keep you much more focused on your blog post.

Write First, Edit Later

Write articles faster

Whenever I write an article, the first draft is usually a mess. This always makes me smile, as it means that I remained committed to the job.

When we spot a typo while writing, it’s human nature to grab the mouse, place the blinking cursor on the word, delete it and type it again correctly. Otherwise we right-click the typo and select from the available suggestions.

Can you see what a terrible thing to do this is?

Leave all the editing for last, as it greatly improves your ability to finish your blog post on time and helps prevent procrastination.

Bookmark and Visit Related Blogs

Becoming more knowledgeable and staying up-to-date with your niche will drastically help you write blog posts quickly. Here are two effective ways of staying on top of things:

Save several blogs within your niche using your browser’s main bookmarking functionality.

Use free services like igHome and uStart to get the latest blog posts in real-time via RSS feeds. Here you can see many new articles from a variety of sources simultaneously. It really is a time-saving experience.

Write the Tough Details First… or Last

Quickly write a blog post

Would you get the painful article details out of the way first, thus making you feel relieved and motivating you to write blog posts quickly?

On the other hand, would you take care of the easy portions first in order to quickly write over 50% of your blog post?

Which of these two options distract you most?

As you can see, this one is highly subjective and depends solely on you. For example, some people despise writing introductions while others consider them a chance to be highly creative. Experiment with your personal writing tastes and see what works best for you.

How do you personally write blog posts quickly and approach your publishing routine? Let us know below!

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