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Hundreds of US Bloggers Have Wikipedia Pages

Steve Rubel has a post on Micro Persuasion that points out a list of American bloggers on Wikipedia. People like Jason Calacanis, Matt Mullenweg and Chris Pirillo are all listed, including some celebrities from radio, television and newspapers who have taken up blogging, and some unknowns that I did not recognize at all.
He points this out because of the PR advantage it could give companies.

If you’re a PR professional and you want to succeed in influencing bloggers, you really need to get to know what makes them tick as people.
Many of these write-ups include rich data that can help you create smarter PR programs and break bread with bloggers.

A very interesting thought indeed, but one I am not sure many companies are taking advantage of. A while back I posted about being approached to write about products by a company, and the comments I received seemed rather split on if it should be done or not, and if it is done, how it should be approached. Interesting that PR companies have so many directories where they could tap into the top niche of bloggers, and yet, this is not being talked about more.
Incase for some reason you did not know, I currently live in Canada. That’s the big country right north of the USA. There is a page for us Canadian Bloggers on Wikipedia, but I am not in it. So if anyone has an account, and feels like adding me…I would appreciate it. It would just be wrong to add my own page.