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I am Not One of the Top 50 Most Influential Bloggers

North x East has released a beautiful looking list of the 50 most influential bloggers and while there are many great names in blogging on the list, sadly I wasn’t listed. (I probably ranked 51st or something…)

There are literally millions of bloggers out there, each of them with their own voice and style, and yet in the blogging world, a handful stand out. These are the movers and shakers. When they speak, the blogging world listens. These are our Fifty Most Influential Bloggers, and if you don’t know them, you need to.
Are there others out there who matter? Sure there are – they just didn’t make this list. Is the list in perfect order? No, that would be impossible – every person on this list is important, and depending on what’s important to you, they might rank higher or lower on the scale than what they have here.
But what’s important is that these bloggers – and some of them are much more than just bloggers – are influential beyond the norm. The voices of these fifty bloggers reverberate throughout the blogosphere. They have had ideas that spread like viruses, and have styles that are mimicked by numerous others. They’ve created major blogs that have major audiences.

You can expect to see people like John Chow, Robert Scoble, and Darren Rowse on the list. This article has been working as great link bait for North x East, as many of the bloggers listed have linked to the post, increasing North x East’s status in the blogosphere. A cool list, and a smart move by North x East. Check out their full list.