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iBegin Weather

iBegin has released a weather service, called iBegin Weather. Living in Canada, nice looking weather interfaces are few and far between. iBegin has done a great job in created a fast-loading, easy to use, and easy on the eyes (I like their weather icons) service that is also free.
But how it pertains to blogges is their Weather Widget. Highly customizable, it is a great way to put weather on your website without all the usual branding elements that the other guys plaster all over it.
In fact, I even use it on my own personal blog (right side – London, ON Weather).
They also provide RSS feeds so that you can easily keep up with the weather you want to follow, though this has quickly become a feature that is expected by such sites, but one that I hadn’t used before.
If you are looking for an easy way to keep up with weather, or show off how good or bad the weather is in your city, check out iBegin Weather.
Full Disclosure: iBegin is operated by Ahmed, one of the guys behind Bloggy Network.