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Ideal Web Design Process: WDFS

Over at Web Design from Scratch there is a great article on his ideal web design process. It asks many questions that people should think about when designing a site, and I think for us bloggers, there are things we should be thinking about even when we are just picking a theme.
He goes through in great detail tackling each step of the process which includes:

1. Know what you’re doing
2. Know what the site needs to do
3. Know what the site’s visitors want
4. Get a good picture of the personality and style of the web site
5. Sketch out highly successful scenarios
6. Organise views into a site map
7. Sketch the essential features & look
8. Map your visitors’ attention
9. Arrange the visual elements to work together

A great read for those looking to design their blog, or even just select a theme that will work with the type of blog they want to create.