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Imminent Demise of the Page View

Steve Rubel is shaking things up with his recent post entitled “The Imminent Demise of the Page View” where he talks about how many large sites are still wrapped up in the idea of page views being a marketable metric. Thanks to AJAX and Flash technologies, users have to load full pages less and less, and so the idea of page views goes out the window.

This is a dirty little secret in the advertising business that no one wants to talk about. Media companies love to promote how many page views their properties get. They’ve used the data to build equity. They will fight it tooth and nail to protect it, perhaps by not embracing interactive technologies as quickly as they should. But that’s not going to stop the revolution from coming.

An interesting article to be sure, and a good reminder to people that technology is changing, and so the metrics we use to decide our success and interest advertisers will also have to change. Finding that new metric is going to be interesting, and bloggers will have to adapt as well.