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4 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic through Twitter

I rarely meet new bloggers who “get” Twitter.

Most bloggers have no idea why or how Twitter works. Some figure posting a link and exiting stage left is a smart approach. Other bloggers believe lukewarm engagement for a few weeks drives steady traffic to their blogs.

Bloggers who generate significant traffic through the platform know Twitter works for bloggers who work the platform effectively.

I have over 52,000 followers on Twitter but numbers mean little.

I do however drive steady traffic through the micro blogging site.

If you work Twitter intelligently and effectively you will be rewarded with:

  • steady blog traffic from a reliable source
  • increasing blogging profits
  • relatively quick blog traffic due to Twitter’s Wild West, volume approach to social media marketing with few user restrictions related to posting frequency

Like any network, Twitter has specific rules to follow if you want to reap rewards from the platform.

Follow these tips to drive blog traffic through Twitter.

1: Invest in Resources

I wrote an eBook to help you build a profitable blog through Twitter:

How to Build a Profitable Blog through Twitter

Resources are one-stop shopping, fundamentally sound blueprints to refer to again and again if you lost your way.


After reading this post – nodding in agreement – you visit Twitter, log in and see an endless stream of random tweets flood your stream. In a moment of overwhelm you try to out shout other tweeters with repeated tweets linking to your business page. Getting caught up in the frenzy, all solid advice shared here goes in one ear and out the other.

Twitter resources provide you with a different, lasting learning resource in most cases.  You will tend to remember, study and use the 6,000 word manual I wrote for you because you paid for it and the eBook offers you a complete blueprint for easy, repeated referencing, especially when Twitter Overwhelm levels you.

Buy resources. Refer to these resources often. Build your Twitter traffic driving foundation on rock solid fundamentals presented in step by step fashion through eBooks or premium courses.

2: Focus Most of Your Energy on 1 to 1 Engagement

Big traffic numbers through Twitter grow from 1 to 1 engagements.

Each tweeter you bond with tends to remember you, endorse you and visit your blog through your profile or individual tweets, boosting your blog traffic.

Respond to @replies 2-3 times daily for 10 to 20 minutes per session. Focus almost exclusively on building genuine 1 to 1 bonds. This is the easiest, simplest way to become memorable. Memorable bloggers have few issues driving substantial traffic through the platform.

As a rule on every social network, driving traffic through these sites hinges on your commitment to building strong friendships 1 to 1. Direct message followers asking how you can help them. @reply your frequent retweeters asking if you can retweet their content. Be of service to human beings one person at a time. Each friend you make lays the groundwork for heavy cross-promoting and high traffic numbers.

3: Do Not Obsess Over Numbers

The 52,800 follower number associated with my account drives zero traffic to Blogging From Paradise.

Human beings who I bond with drive traffic to my blog.

Avoid making the common, painful mistake most bloggers suffer through; do not obsess over numbers.

Bloggers buy followers, manipulate people into following them through hacks and foolishly believe big follower counts guarantee big traffic on Twitter. Big numbers may boost your ego or perhaps give you some bragging material but impressed people only visit your blog if you help them by forming deep bonds with them on the platform.

Follow tip #1. Engage followers. Drive traffic one follower at a time.

4: Retweet Helpful Content

Give whatever you want on Twitter or any other social network.

If you want blog traffic, drive traffic to other blogger’s blogs by retweeting other bloggers generously.

Befriending bloggers genuinely by retweeting their content without asking for anything in return helps you to boost your retweets and traffic organically.


Imagine retweeting 30 fellow bloggers today.

Some of these bloggers appreciate your gesture, click your blog link (boosting your blog traffic) and retweet your latest blog post, boosting your blog traffic.

Being generous is a simple way to make friends and to drive blog traffic through Twitter. Retweet fellow bloggers as much as you retweet your blog posts to gain traction and to increase blog traffic through the microblogging platform.

Bonus Tip

Persist in sharing value and building 1 to 1 bonds on the network.

All quality blog traffic flows to patient bloggers.

Work Twitter daily in 10 to 20-minute chunks. Be in and out to form bonds, to share value and to lay the foundation for a successful blog traffic campaign through the microblogging platform.

Instead of trying to understand Twitter or making quips about the site just make a difference.

Tweet value.

Make friends.

Steadily increase your blog traffic over the long haul.

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