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4 Tips to Increase Your Blogging Success by Being Generous

Generous bloggers succeed.

Take that statement to the bank.


Giving freely precedes receiving generously in the blogging world.

If you want to make money blogging you better be generous.

Generous bloggers become:

  • highly prolific (they do not hold back, giving freely of their skills)
  • highly connected (promoting other bloggers freely without asking for anything in return is the core element in becoming highly connected)
  • top earners (if someone makes a great deal of money they helped a high volume of people generously for many years)

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Blogging Struggles

Most bloggers struggle terribly to succeed because they focus only on taking care of themselves, being mired in survival mode. Forget being generous; this crowd just wants to squeeze enough through their blog to make enough money today to put a roof over their head and food on the table.

If you’re busy taking care of yourself you have little time to take care of your readers.

Since your blogging success tends to flow through your readers you will fall flat on your cyber face unless you turn your selfishness into generosity.

[bctt tweet=”Generous bloggers become leaders in their niche because folks love people who give freely of their time and talents.” username=”blpro”]

Generous bloggers become leaders in their niche because folks love people who give freely of their time and talents.

Follow these 4 tips to increase your blogging success by being generous.

1: Spend Money to Build a Professional Brand

Readers appreciate if your blog is up virtually all of the time and loads lightning fast too.

Be generous by freely spending your money on quality hosting.

increase blogging success

Your readers will thank you for dropping extra money on dependable, premium hosting solutions.

Read this excellent review at WHSR for a comparison of excellent web hosting solutions if you need to do some shopping:

Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared (Based on Latest Test Results)

Be generous by paying for either a custom theme or a premium theme. Invest in a professional presentation to improve your reader experience and to promote your blogging success.

Do not hold back in the investing department.

The money you freely spend now establishes a professional brand that pays massive returns in the future.

2: Promote Other Bloggers on Your Blog

Generously promote other bloggers via:

  • interviews
  • guest posts
  • quick mentions

to build friendships, to grow your reach and to become successful.

Giving up space on your treasured real estate is both a kind and prospering act.

Emit an abundant vibe. Be as concerned with other blogger’s success than your success.

Promote blogging buddies freely to help your friends and to become successful.

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Your blogger friend network will appreciate your generosity and expand your reach far and wide by promoting you freely.

Janice Wald persistently mentions other bloggers on her blog Mostly Blogging and also publishes guest posts regularly.

She uses her blog as a platform to generously help other bloggers as she grows her business.

Your generosity will be repaid exponentially over the long haul.

3: Promote Other Bloggers on Social Media

Promote other bloggers on social media to pay it forward for established buddies and new connections.

Give up space in your Twitter feed to promote helpful bloggers.

Facebook Share valuable updates from other bloggers.

Share content generously on LinkedIn and Google Plus to spread the word for other bloggers.

Giving freely on social media is the great secret of success on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Generous bloggers grow big, loyal friend networks who expand their reach on social media and through their blogs at an exponential rate.

Alonzo Pichardo shares my content like clockwork on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

He has built a massive, incredibly loyal tribe and highly successful business by generously helping other folks on social media and through other channels.

I am so happy to promote him freely through my guest posts, through my blog and through social media.

We even started a podcast with only 2 episodes so far that has received almost 90,000 plays in just a month’s time.

The power of generosity leads to all types of success.

4: Comment Genuinely on Blogs

Spending 5 to 10 minutes to read posts and comment genuinely on blogs is a generous act.

Blog comments are:

  • content (just like the blog post itself)
  • social proof
  • community builders

If you want to befriend bloggers and build a big, loyal blogging tribe, authentic blog commenting is a fabulous way to generously help bloggers and to promote your success.

Study how these dynamic bloggers publish genuine, in-depth, personalized comments on blogs:

Each authentic, generous blog comment:

  • adds content aka value to a blog post
  • lays the foundation for a strong friendship
  • drives traffic to your blog
  • builds your blogging brand

Engage in genuine blog commenting.

Help your blogging buddies and build a successful blog too.

Your Turn

How are you being generous?

What tips can you add to this list?