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Bloggers: Is Creativity Hindering Your Success?

Increase Productivity in Business – the Smart Way

If you’ve been blogging for several years, chances are you’re the wildly creative type, at least in the online world. You learn about new ideas and niches regularly, and subsequently get the itch to explore them. After all, this newest venture may finally be the one that brings easy traffic and cash, right?


Chances are that too much creativity is ultimately killing your success. You find yourself scattered, trying to maintain too much at once, constantly overwhelmed, and working endlessly without anything substantial to show.

As a recovering online workaholic, I’d like to explore this mistake that so many other bloggers and creatives often make. Let’s address the potentially pointless work you may be doing as a means to help increase blogging productivity.

Avoid Redundant Social Media Accounts

As bloggers, we have been conditioned to think that more exposure automatically equals greater success. Many of us proceed to create social media accounts on every imaginable source available, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Over time you realize that your attention is spread too thin. Perhaps you have posted 2-3 updates on Twitter this week, all while LinkedIn remains dormant.

Avoid this mistake at all cost to increase productivity in business and in general blogging.

Do you maintain a recipe blog? Perhaps Pinterest and Instagram will suffice. Are you trying to connect with fellow bloggers, writers, or small businesses? LinkedIn Groups has you covered.

Stick to the channels that are more likely to bring you a niche audience and ditch the rest, as this allows you to focus only on the things that truly matter.

Disable Comments if Necessary

Receiving blog comments is great, I get it. They make your blog feel more like a community and you get to meet lots of interesting people with very helpful information to share.

The problem, however, comes when you’re already too busy and also have to answer a handful of questions and opinions seven days a week.

Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise recently disabled comments on his blog because, quite frankly, they were decreasing his overall productivity.

Don’t be afraid to disable WordPress comments even if it’s just temporarily; perhaps until your schedule allows you be more interactive again.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

Creative marketers refer to this as the obsessive habit of jumping from one shiny idea to another. This consists of exploring a product, a new niche, or a service without fully developing your previous efforts first.

The end result? You end up with a lot of knowledge, but nothing to show for it. This leads to feeling highly overwhelmed and with decreased productivity.

Much like the social media approach I discussed earlier, stick to one or two systems and milk them to the fullest before moving on to the newest idea in hopes of finding “quick success.”

Save Ideas for Later


Speaking of shinny things, I often develop new ideas on a weekly basis. I used to implement them and then realize my blogging productivity had drastically suffered as a result.

You have to pick your battles. Unless an idea is of extreme importance and you genuinely feel it must be done now, jot it down and come back to it at a time when you can fit more responsibilities without compromising your existing businesses.

Get Help

Thankfully, blogging brings about many shortcuts to ease the workload if you feel too overwhelmed.

For example, I have learned to rely on certain “post types” that allow me to keep my websites updated when I lack the time to publish long-form (or even medium-form) content. Click here and here to read more about these quick blogging techniques to increase productivity in business.

In addition, be willing to accept guest posts or even hire a virtual assistant if you need a hand with maintenance. This person does not have to be expensive, as the amount of help can consist of something as simple as article research or finding images for you.

Don’t Aim for Perfection

Have you ever thought of a product or service but refused to launch it quickly because certain features were missing, no matter how mundane? This is quite common among creative minds.

In reality, no website or service will ever be the best thing since sliced bread, and there will always be unhappy customers regardless of how great your offer is.

Work on the most basic (and useful) features first, and gradually add new goodies over time. In fact, your existing audience will actually appreciate the fact that you are always updating your offer and striving to improve it.

Your Turn:

How do you personally increase productivity in business and don’t let your ideas overwhelm you? Please share your thoughts; I am positive many people will find them undeniably useful. Thanks!

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