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The Internet of Things: Heading Towards a Smaller Planet

Internet of Things
On the Internet, you can be anyone you want to be. We all know that, and many an individual has learned a lesson from not remembering that “saying”.

With the way technology is evolving and becoming even more integrated in our everyday lives, however, it seems that instead of being “anyone” on the Internet, it could be “anything”.

Welcome to the Internet of Things.

Basically, the Internet of Things is based on the concept that objects are enabled with the capability to communicate via networks – everyday objects that are not normally associated with such capabilities, such as a toaster.

The potential of having every device you own – from your fridge to your TV to your lighting system – communicate with each other (or with you, essentially) – is awesome, although it is not without possible risks, of course. But, can you imagine how this will change your life as on online worker???

People have long been asking “What’s the next big thing?” – it could very well be the Internet of Things. If you only have a vague idea as to what the whole concept is about, take a look at this infographic which puts together the essential details.

Internet of Things