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Interview with FeedBurner

Folksonomy has a short interview up with Dick Costolo, co-founder and CEO of FeedBurner.
The most interesting question for me was the one about blogging of course.

You have a unique advantage of having one foot in the world of blogging, and one foot in the world of Web 2.0. What advice would you give to a blogger, and what advice would you give to an entrepreneur?
My advice to bloggers is to write frequently. Bloggers who write frequently seem to find their voice more readily and establish an audience who come back expecting to engage in conversation frequently. My advice to entrepreneurs? Goodness, my advice to entrepreneurs is not to listen to other people’s advice. There are fifty reasons not to start a company, and when you start it, there are fifty reasons not to continue to pursue it when you run into the first spot of trouble (which will be the first of many spots of trouble, even if you’re the next Google). You have to focus solely on what you want to accomplish and ignore everything else. [emphasis mine]

Not surprising he advocates posting more often. It just works. More posts means more chances to get things right, more content to read, more writing practice, more things for a search engine to index, and unless you are going too crazy with the number of posts, it means a constant reason for people to come back often to check out the new things you have written.
Check out the full interview at Folksonomy.