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Interview with Habari Developers

Over on Blog Kazani, a blog that looks very similar somehow to this one, is a post that is very lengthy, but it gives some great information on where Habari came from and where it is going. Khaled Abou Alfa, Scott Merrill, Owen Winkler and others answered a variety of questions.
One of the questions that interested me the most was when normal people can expect to see a version released for them.

moeffju: When it’s done : )
epithet: As soon as there are enough ponies to merit a stable.
lairmail: When it’s done.
chrisdmitri: We have a commitment, especially in these early days, to release when its ready. We want to release something beautiful and as bug free as possible. This means a bit more development and testing time than some people are used to.
smerrill: When it’s done.

Check out the full interview over at Blog Kazani.