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Interview with Matt Craven of Problogging Inc.

With the recent transition of The Blog Herald to a new company, I couldn’t let Matt off the hook without a few short questions, and thankfully he was willing to talk to me.
1. With the startling news of your sale of the Blog Herald, I think everyone is wondering “why!?”. It has been a keystone for blogging news for quite some time, and giving up that control must have been hard. Will we see your writings on a competing site about what is going on in the blogosphere?
Matt- I wrote a longish piece about “Reflections on my time at The Blog Herald” over at tonight that gives some insight into this. But the short version is – we really were straining ourselves trying to maintain our existing (and growing!) consulting business while running a blog network. It became clear to us as we moved along that something was going to have to give – and that the blog network wasn’t the “core” of our business so to speak.
We set out to divest ourselves of some of our blog network – we would up selling almost all of it – including The Blog Herald.
2. Your recent change from BlogMedia to Problogging is now more or less complete, is it not? Can you tell me more about your goals and maybe a few details on who is Problogging Inc?
Matt- I would say that we’re now just about complete with our transition from BlogMedia, Inc. to Problogging, Inc. We have some minor things to wrap up but otherwise the move is complete.
Our initial plans revolve around establishing a solid blog over at Problogging along with some other service oriented products that we have in develop presently. Think about a talent management system for bloggers, designers, and others in this creative business of ours and I think that will give you an idea of where we’re headed.
I’m also planning on writing an eBook or two about our experiences this year with BlogMedia – we’ve learned some valuable lessons that I think will go a long way with helping some others.
3. Were the staff notified of the sale before it occurred, and did any of them express any sadness, frustration or were they excited? Will any of them be coming with you to Problogging?
Matt- Obviously the folks that are involved in Problogging, Inc. knew about this – because we work together when something like this is going on… but the bloggers were unaware – except for David Krug – but they were told a day before the news became public.
I think they’re both excited and a bit nervous to see how things will work out – but you’ll have to ask them 😉
4. In your time owning The Blog Herald, what was your favourite memory, and your biggest success?
Matt- My favorite memory was twofold. First, our coverage of WordCamp 2006 and the fact that we were the only major blog publication that covered the event. We smoked the competition and that pleased me all to hell.
Second, was the great posts that the writers came up with for 9/11. I’ll never forget reading their different perspectives on what that day meant to them.
5. When will we see some great audio content on and what niches will you be covering on that site? Also, who will be working on that project? Will you be trying to be the next audio network?
Matt- We released our first podcast on The Pod Herald tonight. We have some new intros and stuff in production so that we can bring back the same high quality podcast that we were doing previously over at The Blog Herald. I’m going to continue to cover the blogosphere and world of technology from The Pod Herald – hopefully more frequently than before.
And no, I won’t be doing anything like the audio network.
Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions. I am sure we will see you around and I am looking forward to watching Problogging and the projects that come from it.