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Interviewed on Successful Blog

I recently contacted Liz Strauss about the WordPress Challenge I had imposed, as her audience was much the same as who I was hoping would participate in the challenge. I will have the results on that challenge later today or tomorrow, but right now I want to talk about Successful Blog, which is written by Liz. She not only mentioned my challege, but contacted me for an interview about what I was doing.
I was amazed that someone I had been reading for months was at all interested in what I was doing, but she sent off an e-mail with a few questions and so I proceeded to answer them.
An example of our exchange includes:

Aren’t there already enough WordPress themes and plugins to go around?
Honestly, I still feel some very important areas have been ignored. How many grunge themes are there? Themes that are more girly in nature? What about good three and four column themes? I still feel that there are also so many ways WordPress themes could go that have not been explored.
Also as the community grows, I have been noticing that there are about a dozen themes that do really well, while all the rest are more or less ignored. I would like to see that upper level increase to a group of two dozen superb themes.
I also think the same of WordPress plugins. You might say “how many plugins do you need to integrate an image gallery into your site?” but honestly I have yet to come across one that does what I need it to do, how I want to do it. With plugins, the different workflow that people have has to be taken into consideration, which is why you can have a dozen plugins that do the same thing, but people will follow the one that works the best for them.
I think that there are still more plugins in the minds of creative people that if given the right incentive, and motivation, will be released and we will all go “Wow!”.

Check out the rest of the interview over at Successful Blog, and look around the archives of the site for some great golden nuggets of wisdom, as well as some links to some great sites.