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Is it OK to Write for Digg?

Muhammad Saleem has written on Copyblogger about writing specifically to get some traffic from Digg. Often called Digg bait, the articles sometimes are not the best written, but it is well known that they have to be formulated in a certain way to appeal to the Digg audience.

Writing for Digg is actually less about substance and more about how you present the content-in other words, copywriting. This entails writing the same content that you would normally write, but altering it in a way that doesn’t take away from its essence while making it appealing to the broader Digg audience. This is the kind of content that both your regular readers and potential new readers will appreciate.

Muhammad Saleem is very right in saying that writing for Digg can be a bit like crack (an addictive substance) because the waves of traffic are amazing. The traffic though isn’t the best type though, as they avoid advertisements and rarely comment on the actual article.
Definitely worth a read if you are interested in Digg traffic. There are many posts on Copyblogger where you can find some copy writing tips for Digg and other social media sites.