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Is Your Blog Your Memory?

Mike Rundle has put up his personal thoughts about how his digital records, like his e-mail and IM conversations are basically his memory, because his human brain, just can’t hold any more data, and its easier to rely on computers to record things.

because my memory is so poor, they’re a necessity in my life. Email search is one of the “killer apps” that I use every single day, and IM conversation search is used at least weekly.
So is memory tied to “being a pack-rat” in regards to technical storage? I’m not sure if it’s a causal relationship but if my computer can store things and keep them out of my brain, then maybe I can use my empty brain cells for other important things. Like Albert Einstein once said:
“Intelligence is not the ability to store information, but to know where to find it.”

I have to admit to using my blog as well as a memory archive. I continually post on events in my life that I want to remember later on as my memory is pretty horrible as well. I blame it on information overload, but I thank the blogging software I use every day for helping me keep track of my past.
Anyone else depend on their blog, e-mail and IM conversation logs to remember things?