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Jeremy Wright Talks About Blog Networks

The interview over at Blog Herald is also about other things in regards to b5media, but I think the most interesting area of the interview is Jeremy Wright’s thoughts on the “death of blog networks”.
Jeremy Wright is the President of b5media, a very popular and large blog network.

Many are proclaiming the coming death of blog networks before the year’s out – what’s your thoughts about this?
While anything is possible, it’s certainly not something that we’re seeing. I’m not going to say where we’re at stats-wise, but it’s certainly at a healthy level.
Realistically, we’ve been saying for 4-6 months that there was consolidation, failure and innovation coming to the industry. There are still more than 100 blog networks out there. And there is a growing valley between the “haves” and “have-nots” in the blog network industry.
So, yes, lots of shakeups coming. Lots of consolidation. Lots of failures. Lots of new ideas.
That’s different than proclaiming the death of an industry. I think some watchers are seeing this coming change and calling it death, but really it’s just a healthy part of all cycles. All industries go wide, then the best players survive and thrive. Typically, though, there are only 2-5 “big” companies and a dozen small ones.
Playing as a small one can work, but the reality is that there simply isn’t enough space in any industry for hundreds of companies to succeed, survive and thrive.
Obviously we’d like b5media to be one of those companies that do survive and thrive, but ultimately it will be down to great strategy and kickass execution. So let’s see where the industry is at in a year, and see which strategy, and which execution style really works.

While I don’t think the President of a blogging network would ever say that their network is set up to fail, I do agree with much of the other things he said, and think that blog networks had better find ways to distinguish themselves before their networks end up part of the static in the background of the internet.