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John Chow’s Five Beginner’s Blogging Tips

John Chow is considered a great source of information on blogging, and recently was asked to appear on The Lab with Leo Laporte. In his session with Leo, he was only able to cover one of the following tips, but wanted to share others with all of us.
His tips include:

  • Blog About Something Your Passionate About
  • Get Your Own Domain Name
  • Update The Blog Often
  • Get To Know Your Readers
  • Monetize The Blog With Multiple Sources

Of course the tip covered in the show was the last one, which covers monetizing a blog, something that all of us would love to become experts at, but some of his other points are even more important. You can be an expert at monetizing a blog, but if you don’t update the blog, or have something to write about, then you won’t be brining in enough traffic for your monetization efforts to matter.
A great post by John, and I agree with everything he put on that list.