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Joseph Scott Recounts Year One at Automattic

Nicknamed the Bug Exorcist on the Automattic website, Joseph Scott has put up a post on his blog about his experiences with WordPress, and his first year of working full time for Automattic.

The people at Automattic are amazing. At one point I had met everyone in the company, which is saying something since we are scattered all across the globe. Since then more people have come aboard, and I look forward to meeting them face to face latter this year.
Before joining Automattic full time in April 2007, I had been doing contract work starting back in January 2007. The result of that work was the new wp.* XML-RPC methods. For the most part I really enjoy working on XML-RPC, though some of the specific APIs that are built on top of it are a bit quirky.
Working on has been absolutely fascinating. The scale and growth are pretty impressive.

It is always great to see members of the team talk about the company, and the software they devote so much time to. I’ve been lucky enough to have met Lloyd Budd more than once, and he’s never had anything but positive things to say about Automattic.
If you want to get a sense of what it is like to be on the inside of the WordPress development team, check out Joseph’s post about his first year at Automattic.