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Keep Your Blog Comment Spam Free

Lorelle hitting another homerun has posted about the evils of comment spam and how our laziness or other apethetic attitudes can ruin our blogs.

Do you care enough to keep your blog comment spam free?
Do you? This blogger certainly didn’t. Stopping comment spam on your blog is so easy with Akismet for a variety of blogging programs, including WordPress, and Bad Behaviorand Spam Karma 2 WordPress Plugins. Why should your readers see even a single penis enlarger or casino ad on your blog? Huh?
I write a lot here about how your blog should speak well of you and your ability to communicate, so what does a comment spam covered blog say about you?

I have to admit to leaving a blog behind sometimes, hosted, but not updated, and coming back to it a few months down the road to find it infested with spam, even going as far as turning off comments does not fix everything.
If you know you are not going to keep a blog up to date, shut it down. Back up the database, and delete the blog until you are ready to use it again. No point in giving comment spammers a foothold online. You will be doing everyone a favor.