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Lacking StumbleUpon Traffic? Here’s Why

Over on Website Host Reviews Firewall blog, they’ve written out a great little article relating to StumbleUpon, and why you might not being seeing any traffic from the traffic pushing community.
It covers voting practices and trends, being banned, and how to avoid being banned. With each section broken down into the basic ideas, it sounds simple enough, but remember, attempting to “game” or influence traffic and voting patterns can almost always lead to having your account negatively effected. That might not mean banning, but instead, just a lack of power when it comes to voting.
Here is one of the reasons why you might not be getting traffic:

Self-serving. If you’re submitting your own articles and nothing else, then you’re over promoting yourself, which SU frowns on. It’s not very sociable.

If you enjoy StumbleUpon and the traffic it provides, your best bet is to write great articles, and learn the demographic of the users within the site. Check out Why Isn’t Stumbleupon Sending My Site Any Web Traffic? on Website Host Reviews.
And as always, feel free to submit any of the posts from Blogging Pro to StumbleUpon. I won’t mind.