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How to Screw Up Your Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging has been all the rage for many years now. And how can it not be? This rewarding practice helps you raise brand awareness, increase engagement, get more traffic, more leads, and build rock-solid relationships with others.

Sadly, not all guest posts are created equal. In fact, many pitches end up in the trash while some completed articles fail to deliver great results.

Let’s explore the many ways in which you could screw up your guest blogging opportunities (and how to avoid all of it).

Pitch a Subject that’s Already Covered

The more content a blog already has, the more difficult it becomes for many guest bloggers. What are the chances that your topic won’t be covered already?

For this reason, it’s crucial to thoroughly search the blog in question and ensure that your topic is unique.

Now, this is where the definition of ‘unique’ comes into question: It’s possible that a blog already covers a subject, but perhaps you can write a brand new version with unique ideas.

An example would be “Managing procrastination,” as the existing article could potentially lack most of the tips you have in mind.

Pitch Something that’s Been Written to Death

Just because you’re intimately familiar with a topic, it doesn’t mean everyone else is. This logic makes you want to pitch some generic article on “The importance of building a mailing list,” among many others…

However, this is where analyzing the blog’s audience comes in. Does the website cater to bloggers of all levels, shapes and sizes? Is it a more authoritative place that only accepts long-form, data-driven topics?

If you really feel like pitching a common topic, at least make the article stand out in some way, as this helps you land many more guest blogging opportunities in the long-run.

Go against the Blog’s Core Values

The last thing a blog owner wants is to have contradictory information on his property. If he regularly preaches about a certain subject, don’t make your article dismiss that belief and expect it to be published.

This, however, brings up an interesting opportunity: Providing opposing views will (more often than not) intrigue the blog owner, but only if you cover both sides objectively.

If this is the case with you, be sure to highlight every side of the story and remain rational throughout. The blog owner might just love you a bit more after that.

Ignore the Rules

As someone who regularly accepts contributors, I can tell you something with absolute certainty: It’s not uncommon for guest bloggers to bypass the site’s guidelines.

Sometimes it’s something as small as not including a featured image. Other times the issue is so big that there’s simply no remedy…

Do you want to screw up your guest blogging opportunities after all the research and effort you had put into everything? Take a moment to learn the ropes, as this shouldn’t take long and will pay off in very big ways.

Don’t Go for the Extra Mile

guest blogging tipsLanding a guest post is not easy. Again, you have to spend a ton of time between research, learning the rules, writing, editing, and everything that involves publishing an article.

So, why would you put together something so average after all is said and done?

Your guest blogging goal does not merely revolve around a backlink. You’re also working to build a long-lasting relationship that could lead to even greater guest blogging opportunities.

Would you want some traffic and/or recognition only as a one-time thing? We both know the answer to that question.

Instead, over-deliver in every single way (if appropriate). This may include a higher word count, better visuals, interlinking, inserting interesting facts, and sharing the finished product on the site owner’s behalf.

Your Turn

Are you a regular guest blogger? Are you working up the nerve to send your first pitch? I’d love to hear all about your experiences so far….

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