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7 Inspiring Landing Page Examples to Copy on Your Blog

If you don’t have a landing page on your blog, then you’re missing out on a lot.

A study states that companies get a 55% increase in leads after increasing their number of landing pages.

Landing pages help turn visitors into subscribers or customers. They help justify your ROI so you can raise your website to greater heights.

Indeed, you need to create lots of landing pages to increase your conversion rate. But the real question is this:

How can you create an effective one?

In this post, we’ve compiled the best landing page examples you can use as inspiration for your blog.

What makes a good landing page?

A good landing page features an enticing offer and strong call-to-action.

It should also be targeted towards a specific audience while conveying the benefits of tuning into your blog.

Being concise without feeling generic and adding attractive images also makes a lot of difference.

What are the types of landing pages?

1. Click-through landing page

This is the simplest form of landing page. Its main goal is to provide information about your offer. It also aims to convince prospects to subscribe to your blog. Your visitors will read about the offer and click your site if they are interested in it.

2. Infomercial landing page

This landing page type feature long pages that have loads of informative graphics and content. This is similar to the ones you’ll find in Sham Wow TV commercials.

Visitors get sucked deeper into your sales messages, and in the process, increase the likelihood of them availing your offering. It would just be a waste for them if they won’t purchase knowing how far they’ve read through!

3. Microsite

Microsites are used for big campaigns. They might be “small” sites, but contain full details about your blog. These feature a personalized vanity URL. And, though they have multiple pages, they’re still considered as a landing page.

4. Viral landing page

These are pages made to build brand awareness over a blog. Samples of these are funny videos, flash games, and interesting stories that easily go viral. These feature a low-profile reference to the blog through a logo or “powered by” credits.

5. Product detail landing Page

This is one of the most common types of landing pages. It’s found in the homepage of a website containing information of all your blog’s offerings. What makes this popular is that it doesn’t need to have a separate page.

Landing page examples you need to follow

Neil Patel

What makes Neil Patel tick is his reputation. His blog features a mix of landing page types — infomercial and lead-gen home page.

He introduces himself with his achievements and positive remarks from big institutions and companies. This gives him the credibility to further expand his brand and gain higher conversions.

Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard is, for all intents and purposes, a blog. The homepage features its latest posts if you scroll down the page.

So how does this make the list?

The above the fold offer is befitting of bloggers such as yourself. It’s short and sweet – the copy doesn’t mince its words. It goes straight to the meat and bones, which is precisely what its audience wants.

Also, the copy mentions that you can grow your blog 425% faster. Whether or not this is true, the figure is unbelievably high. There’s nothing else you’d want to do but click on the button and find out for yourself!


SushiFork has a click-through and offer-ended type of landing page. All their menus are found in their homepage which visitors can open. They also have an “order now” button to entice visitors to purchase easily.

The way they offer their brand also appeals to the masses because it’s relatable. Plus, they’ve got video testimonials from their satisfied customers!

Mad Lemmings



Mad Lemmings is a mix of a lead-gen and product detail landing page. Its homepage features their offerings that are stated in a way that answers clients’ needs.

Testimonials from their satisfied customers are also shown in the page. Simplicity is what makes this site tick.


tvChaz has a click-through landing page that follows a “viral” vibe. They advertise their streaming service in a way that entices people to avail it so they won’t be left off from the trend. Their videos and music can also be purchased directly from the homepage.

Jeff Bullas

Similar to Blogging Wizard, Jeff Bullas is another blog that makes the list.

The great thing about this blog is the use of Sumo’s Welcome Mat. It asks visitors to sign up for its email list. In exchange, you receive actionable tips to double your traffic. It’s a fair tradeoff that is made more compelling thanks to the tool.

The Welcome Mat occupies the entire page so you can’t not see the offer. Aside from this tool, there are other WordPress plugins that allow you to collect emails.

Brücke Flooring

Brücke Flooring is a good example of a product detail and click-through landing page. There’s not much information on the homepage. But it entices visitors to avail their services because of its “uncomplicated-ness.”

BONUS: New Line Construction Ltd

Blog posts can be landing pages too if they fulfill the purpose of one.

In this example, this post about window fitters not only tells you how to fit one on your home. It also shows you how to do it!

But instead of using a video to show the step-by-step process of fitting windows, the post features an infographic instead:

removal of existing window

It informs readers the steps of fitting windows properly. In this sense, the post takes the form of an informational landing page of sorts!

More importantly, the infographic shows how difficult it is to fit windows yourself. Unless you have experience and skills to take on the task, you’re better off hiring someone to do the job for you.

Luckily for you, New Line can help you in this regard!

Therefore, the infographic informs and convert readers into customers! Smart, ain’t it?

What are the best landing page builders?

Surely, not everyone reading this post is a design savant!

There’s no way you can create beautiful landing pages like the ones above in an instant.

Thankfully, there’s a way around that.

Instead of learning code to create these pages, you can use page builder tools instead!

You can drag and drop elements onto your page as you’ll see it once published.

Below are some of the best in the market:

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder supports back-end and front-end page editing thanks to their drag-and-drop feature. There are also lots of highly-customizable layouts to choose from.

2. Upfront Builder

Upfront Builder became popular because of its flexible features enabling it to build any type of website. Take note, though, that you can only customize their WPMU dev upfront theme.

3. WP Bakery Page Builder

WP Bakery Page Builder supports all theme types and sites. This is made even better with their user-friendly front-end editing.


Landing pages need to be well made for you to make the most out of your blog. Not only do these increase conversions. But they also help solidify your brand in the long run.

Draw inspiration from these examples, and your blog will convert in no time!

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