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Lessons on Getting More Traffic and Subscribers

Pick the Brain has a list of 27 lessons he learned on his way to getting 3000 visits a day and 2200 RSS feed subscribers.
Some of them are things I have come across myself in my blogging and others are things I had not thought about.
Here are a few from the list:

  • Make it as easy as possible for people to subscribe to your RSS feed. Subscribing is the best thing a reader can do.
  • Offer a full feed, even if it means people visit the site less often. A person reading you is always better than a person not reading you. Make it easy.
  • Listen carefully to every piece of feedback but don’t be a slave to it. Most people don’t know anything. Your blog is your brainchild. It won’t work if you try to satisfy everyone.
  • Make people think. It doesn’t happen very often and they won’t easily forget it.

The full list is definitely worth bookmarking for reading, especially when you are feeling like you are out of ideas or passion for your blog.