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Everything You Need to Know About Link Parties

The world is becoming smaller through time, as every nook and cranny gets occupied by someone or something. That’s how saturated things are, especially in this digital age we’re living in. With this, it makes perfect sense for one to make the most out of this saturation. And use the situation to increase one’s network to propel one’s cause. It turns out that link parties are what you need if you want to survive — and thrive.

What’s a link party?

Parties are not only enjoyable and fun, but they’re also beneficial to one’s cause, especially if you want to increase your network. There is a hidden agenda when you go to a party, as it’s more than just for the sake of celebration. That’s how link parties work.

A link party is an event that is hosted by the owner of a blog. Other bloggers are then invited to share their posts in the event. They’re invited through the use of a hosting tool. This opens them up to a new and bigger audience.

But what makes these different from regular physical parties is that you can go even if you’re not invited. As long as your content is related to the link party’s theme or topic, then you’re good to go.

Link parties revolve around the idea of sharing the link to your post to other bloggers in the hopes of increasing your blog’s traffic. The perfect place to do that is inside the host’s link party itself.

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What’s not a link party?

You may confuse link parties from roundup posts. Their only similarity is they feature lots of relevant links about a specific topic. Unlike link parties, however, you don’t have privileges as an audience to share your links.

ecommerce for kids

Take this roundup post featuring eCommerce resources for kids. The purpose of the post is to share links and not necessarily to mobilize readers to participate by sharing links. If you can’t share your links and engage with everybody, then it’s not a party.

Why should you launch a link party?

It’s a great opportunity to connect with more bloggers.

Link parties are a great way to connect with other bloggers. This opens you up to a bigger world where you’ll see other people’s blog. This helps you make connections and improve your network because you’re sharing your content on a place with a similar theme with yours. It’s a perfect way to find people who are also into your type of blogs. You get new friendships in the process. And these friendships are most likely to benefit you in a lot of ways.

Increase your blog’s exposure.

When you’re into blogging, the first thing you want to consider is to expose your blog and articles. Blogging is all about presenting your thoughts to more people. The more viewers, the better it is for you. Remember that it’s all about the traffic! By launching a link party, you’re able to market your blog to a bigger market.

Bloggers from different backgrounds will come over to your blog in the hopes of being one of the first to share their blog’s link. If you manage to catch their attention (which you’re most likely to), chances are, they’re going to advertise and promote your blog to their own audience as well. They’re like doing the marketing for you.

Inspires you with more and better ideas.

Let’s quit playing about original content. In reality, there’s really no such thing as a “purely original content”. We can’t deny the fact that we search for ideas on the internet and incorporate them with our own thoughts when writing. The more and better ideas we have, the higher the quality of our content becomes.

This means that we need to have a source of all possible ideas that we can add up to our next blogs. Inspiration is vital when you’re a blogger and that’s where link parties come in handy. With the many shared links from different bloggers, you have yourself a plethora of ideas and thoughts you can use to make you a better blogger/writer in the process.

Examples of Great Link Parties

1. Oh My Heartsie Girl


This is a blog which talks about anything under the sun. The blog’s usual topics revolve around tutorials, creative crafts, recipes, and life journals that have a touch of being sassy. It hosts a link up party that’s held every Friday. What’s great about this is that it never fails to feature the top blog picks. This ensures that bloggers would share only their best quality articles in the party. The links are also presented in a very streamlined way. These are complete with a feature image and readable text found in a lively and vivid-looking background.

2. DIY by Design

This is another link party you can join if you’re into home decor, craft creations, or food recipes. What sets this apart from other link parties is its streamlined web design, organized content, and simple house rules. There’s nothing fancy about this party because it does what it’s supposed to do – and that is to bring bloggers into one place and help expose their content.

3. Taz and Belly

This is a link party that prioritizes quality over quantity. When you visit the blog, you’ll find out that there’s not a lot of shared blog links. It’s because the blog carefully chooses which link to accept. After all, it’s all about discussing books and obviously – not a lot of people are into it. But needless to say, it still managed to pull off its elegance and classy feel. This makes it a great example of what future link parties should be.

Tools to Use for Launching a Link Party

1. Linky Tools

Linky Tools was once the most popular link-up tool before its owner decided to turn its free subscription plan to a yearly $24 fee. But despite it, its 16,000+ users don’t seem to mind using the tool. The way it looks is what sets this apart from the competition. It’s easy-to-use and it has a number of features that make navigating around the blog easy.

2. InLinkz

InLinkz is another link party hosting tool worth of reckoning. Its free subscription which offers a single thumbnail is a great deal for most starters. This makes it a newbie-friendly link party hosting tool. This is also perhaps the most professional-looking one. You can choose from a variety of affordable plans if you want to host multiple parties. Plus, signing up is also too darn easy!

3. Simply Linked

You might also want to try out Simply Linked. This hosting tool isn’t yet widely popular, but it’ll do the job for you if you want to keep things simple and low-profile. The user-interface is easy to use and the website’s design is also sleek-looking. But what seals the deal for this is that all of its services are free-of-charge!


There are a lot of ways you can further improve your online presence. And hosting a link party is one of those. Though it might sound daunting at first, it really isn’t, especially if you know the background, the purpose, and what you need to do. At the end of the day, it’s simply getting your name known to a bigger market. What are you waiting for? Host a link party now!