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Link to a Coconut Contest

A very strange, but interesting contest is currently going on at the Blogtown Press Blog Network called the Link to a Coconut Contest.

As we said on our very first post on our Blogtown Press Blog Network Blog we are going to give back to the readers that make our network what it is. Since we are currently headquartered out of the great state of Hawaii we are going to be enabling you, our readers, to win a little piece of paradise!
That’s right we you have the chance to win a genuine Hawaiian Coconut, straight from a Coconut tree on the shores of Oahu, dried in the Hawaii sun, and shipped directly to you, plastered with Hawaii themed stamps!
How do I win?
Winning is easy. Blogtown Press currently has 12 blogs that are participating in the Link to a Coconut Contest. All of these blogs are active and have anywhere from 20 posts to a few hundred posts. All you have to do is link to a post on anyone of those blogs and if you link to the correct post you win a coconut. We currently have 3 coconuts to give away so that means we will randomly choose 3 posts within the network that will be the “winner” posts. These could be on any of the 12 blogs so you’ll have to hunt around for what you think is the right post.

They have already had one winner of their contest. It seems like a great way to get inbound links for the Blogtown Press blogs, and an interesting prize to be sure.