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Live Blogging

A trend that I rather enjoy is watching live blogging events unfold. Many of them are surrounding conferences and whatnot, but some are just for fun or personal interest. James Yu, over at Buzz Shout, has written out his thoughts on the Live Blogging trend.
He specifically talks about how different sites dealt with the Macworld keynote, and how one site did it better than another but still managed to be beaten by the bigger name.

During the Macworld keynote, there were dozens of blogs that were engaged in live blogging-some more successful than others. The two leaders were Engadget and Mac Rumors. Both were providing pictures along with the text, and keeping the post updated at least once every few minutes.
However, there was a key difference between the two. Mac Rumors actually implemented an AJAX refresh that updated the post without needing to send an HTML refresh of the page. This served to reduce the bandwidth needed to push out the information to a large audience, and also to reduce the potential wait time to get the information. This made the Mac Rumors live blogging experience to be more fluid and timely.

An interesting idea for sure, and while Mac Rumors had the better experience, it still didn’t get the superior traffic. I wonder how many sites will impliment such an experience in their next live blogging situation. I think that AJAX refresh idea is a really amazing one.