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Looking For Amazing Bloggers

Blogging Pro is looking to talk to those out there that are amazing bloggers. We want to interview people that work really hard at blogging, and don’t feel like they get the attention they deserve.
I sometimes feel like even with all the work that I have done, that I don’t get the exposure or recognition that comes with all the hard work I have done, and so I know there are others out there. Work for a blog network, or two, or more? Working full time at blogging, but no one knows who you are?
Contact me via the contact form on Blogging Pro, and tell me your story. If you are selected, we can arrange an audio, e-mail, or IM interview which will then be posted on Blogging Pro, a great way to get a bit of attention in the blogging community.
This is not for the Darren Rowse’s of the world but for the unsung heroes in the blogosphere.