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Looking for Help from an Influencer with Your Blog? Here’s How

If you are a blogger, you need to understand that you cannot succeed on your own.

In today’s digital landscape your competitors likely have deep pockets and a wealth of marketing knowledge. Both of these help them deliver their blog content straight to their audience and will have you working at a disadvantage. Therefore you need to find all the help you can get to gain the upper hand against other blogs in your niche.

A way to beat competing bloggers at their own game is by getting help from influencers. Since influencer marketing has been gaining steam in recent years, these people with lots of social media followers and tons of online credentials can elevate your blog to new heights. Even if you’re just starting out in the game you can expedite your blog’s growth with some star power.

Influencers will help broadcast your blog, even your products and services, to their audience. Doing so allows you to put your online brand at the forefront of people who are looking for the things you’re offering.

Therefore, the problem now is finding the right influencer who is perfect for your blog. Below are ways to find the one that fits like a glove.

Determine your goals first

Before you find influencers for your blog you need to figure out what you wish to achieve from hiring an influencer. Getting more eyeballs to your blog and driving more visitors is a step in the right direction, but you need to be more specific. Below are metrics that you can use as goals to help you organize your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Social shares– You want your post to garner as many likes, shares, tweets, pins, and +1s as possible. The number of shares of your blog posts serves as social proof – the higher the shares, the more authoritative your blog becomes.
  • Emails– You want to drive more subscribers to your list so you can send highly-targeted campaigns based on your email strategy that will help you sell better.
  • CTR– You want to increase the click-through rate of your landing page by getting the influencer’s audience to visit your page.

In essence, all of the metrics mentioned above involve converting people into becoming more than one-time visitors. It is not enough to attract visitors to your blog – you need to give them a reason to stick enough and become loyal readers, if not more!

Figure out the platform

There are different influencers for various social media platforms. Therefore, you are responsible for determining the platforms that you feel with the highest chances of engagement with your blog.

For bloggers who want to share their latest written posts, you can find a Facebook or Twitter influencer who will help you broadcast your content on their accounts. Most likely, this will be your starting point if writing is your primary strength as a blogger.

For visual content creators like photographers and travel bloggers, you may want to look into image sharing platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and the like.

If you are selling products from your blog, then you can hire the services of Youtube influencers who can feature your tools in the form of a recorded review or unboxing (if it’s a physical product).

Factor in the qualities you want from an influencer

Ultimately, you need to look for quality influencers. It’s not always the volume of posts they share or the number of followers they have. It lies in the kind of engagement they are getting from their posts. Even if they have a small number of fans compared to other influencers, what matters is their ability to mobilize their audience into performing their desired audience.

For more ideas regarding this section, read this excellent post from Vibbi. While it discusses the qualities and values that you should look for in an Instagrammer, all of the points apply to any blogger looking for an influencer on any platform.

Find these influencers (and parting words)

There’s more to your influencer search than searching online. For sophisticated bloggers on the lookout for influencers on Instagram and Youtube, you need to subscribe to influencer marketing platforms that host hundreds of people to choose from. Most of these platforms offer the ability to customize your campaigns and track their performances so you can measure the results to see how an influencer impacts your bottom line.

If you want a more straightforward approach to influencer marketing, you can always go to tried-and-true sponsored posts and native content. Look for blogs adjacent to your industry with lots of followers and readers that accept paid posts and start there. Here’s a cool guide on how sponsored blog posts work to give you a better understanding.

Lastly, for bloggers without any budget, there’s a chance that you may not be able to afford some of the best influencers who can promote your blog. However, there’s a way to get into the good graces of influencers within your industry and convince them to help market your posts for you.

I’m talking about blogger outreach.

By crafting quality email copy that will compel influencers to reply back, you can build a relationship with influencers that you can later on leverage to help you promote your posts.

Thanks for reading this post! If you have more ideas and suggestions to help readers find the best influencers for their blogs, please share them by commenting below!

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