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Lorelle Declares: I’m Winning the Battle Against Comment Spam

If only all of us could be so fortunate. Beating back the comment spammers is not easy, but Lorelle lays out what she has and hasn’t done to push back spammers.

1. I do not use forced comment moderation.
2. I do not force people to register in order to participate on any of my blogs.
3. I do not force people to be logged in to comment.
4. I do not force visitors to dance through captchas, doing math problems, answering stupid questions, or guessing at bizarre spelled words.
5. I do monitor as much of the caught comment spam as possible for any false/positives that slip through, helping to train my comment spam fighting tools to improve comment spam recognition.
6. I do keep my blog free from comment spam, catching and removing the few that occasionally slip through as fast as I can.
7. I respect my audience.
8. I respect those who comment even more.

Now if only everyone adopted these policies, and took it upon themselves to get the latest tools in anti-spam. At least get an API key for Akismet and get that great tool running. That will take care of numerous spams. Since being activated on BloggingPro it has taken care of over 80,000 spam comments.