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Maintaining a Blog/Life Balance

While not really on the subject of themes or plugins, I think it is still worthy of talking about the problems that many bloggers find themselves having, and since many plugin and theme authors have blogs, I thought I would take a second to talk about a great article that Darren Rowse pointed to today.
Wendy Boswell has written a post called “How to get things done working inside and outside the home” at LifeHacker, which talks about finding balance in her at home work and her life.
From Darren Rowse’s thoughts on the subject:

There’s something quite addictive about blogging that most full time bloggers have to face at one time or another. It’s probably some mix of the allure of being the center of attention, mixed with the excitement of the chase of the story and readership, mixed with way it can open up doors to new friendship and opportunities.
But there comes a point where many bloggers need to think about creating healthy boundaries around it in order to maintain other relationships, work on our physical well being and to just have a life.

I totally agree, and I feel as though I have come close to burn out in my struggle to do the best I can at my job as a professional blogger. It never feels like enough, it is hard to quantify time spent on a variety of tasks, and thus days can seem like they sprawl on forever. You just have to find time for yourself. The web will be there when you get back. I really need to take this advice to heart, and hopefully these two articles will help remind you to do so as well.