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Make an About Page

Liz Strauss from Successful Blog makes a great case for having an about page on your blog. It is something that we all push to the side, as we concentrate on blogging, rather than filling out all the “other” things for our blog, but if you want to do well, an About Page, can definetly help.
As Liz puts it:

Identity. An About page welcomes visitors who come to your blog by telling them something
Credibility. It lets your readers see your personal stake in the blog and how only you could write it.
Humanity. The About page lets readers know there’s a person behind the blog. Without it, you’ve left an anonymous letter.

I know you might not want to talk about yourself, or maybe you love talking about yourself, but still have not got around to making a page about yourself, but it could be the spark that gets you from writing a blog, to getting an advance for a book, being invited to conferences, or even just actually connecting with other bloggers like yourself.
So, my challenge to you is to make an about page. Give a few details about yourself, what you like to do, listen to, watch, as well as a few of your favourite and most telling posts on your blog. You might be surprised at the positive effect it can have on your site.