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Managing a Multicultural Team for Your Blog

Blogging isn’t a one-man show. You might be good at writing, but not in technical matters like in WordPress management or social media marketing.

A blog needs a team to function properly.

But here’s a doozy:

What if they’re from different countries?

A multicultural team is becoming more common as the internet makes it easier to connect with other workers online.

If that’s the case, then it’s necessary to know how to manage one. Not only does it smoothen workflow, but it also increases conversion.

Below are tips and rules of thumbs you need to be aware of when working with a multicultural team for your blog:

Avoid stereotypes

Don’t cross the fine line between knowing cultural differences and stereotyping. Painting a group of people using a broad brush might help you early on. But this will negatively impact your relations in the long run.

If you’re generalizing a certain nationality, then you’re likely crossing that line. Don’t think that all people belonging to one nationality have the same traits and personalities. Though they do have some similarities, they differ from each other both in skills, talent, and perception.

Never discriminate them according to race as this will provoke bigotry, especially that racism remains a hot issue. Though it’s a good idea to be aware of norms and culture, being open-minded helps you better manage your team.

Learn how to communicate and work with them to improve efficiency and your connection with each other.


You get a grasp of your team’s attitude to work as you work along. Take note of their communication styles because every culture has a different approach. There are some countries which prefer direct communication. While others need further pampering as they’re sensitive.

A good example of this is western countries that prefer to be frank over other’s work. Meanwhile, most Asians, specifically Filipinos, are more sensitive to criticism.

If you want your blog post to sound American, then show examples of common American slang to make it more natural. There’s nothing wrong in correcting your team as long as you do it properly.

Adapt to your team members’ culture and work approach. This maximizes productivity and improves relationships. Addressing differences helps to overcome differences.

Allow preparation time

Having a multicultural team for your blog isn’t easy because the team comes from different backgrounds. Setting impromptu meetings is not recommended. It’s because your team cannot express their opinions properly.

This is especially true for non-native speakers of your language. Let them prepare ahead of time so they’ll know what to say and present. Expecting them to answer on-the-spot answers not only hinders their creativity, but it can also make the job less interesting to them.

Let them feel comfortable with the team. Also, tell them your expectations and give them time to respond. Don’t rush submission deadlines. Show them the article topic you’d like to assign to them and ask if it’s doable or not.

If yes, then let them proceed writing. Don’t force them if they think they can’t deliver.

Monitor team relations

Being aware of your team’s individual roles is necessary to have a successful blog. You want to ensure that all aspects are working properly. Maintain harmony in your team by ensuring everything is working as it is.

Using a project management tool would be very helpful in this case. It should keep everyone accountable for their tasks regardless of who they are and where they live.

Oversee operations and dig deep into your team’s relations with each other. Be aware of the issues and come up with solutions as soon as possible. Step in if you think that a project is about to stall due to interpersonal conflict.

Don’t allow the problem to aggravate. Having empathy for your team might sound cheesy, but it’s still necessary for professional ethics.

Break barriers

Break barriers

Breaking cultural barriers is necessary for a successful blog. If you want to acquire followers from around the globe, then it’s best to start doing that to your team. Your workspace should be as inviting to your team as your blog is to your audience.

Building the blog together improves the team’s relationship with each other. This happens because of the mutual connection they have in blog development. Bringing down barriers also reveals the team’s real attitude and communication styles.

This makes it easier to think of solutions to issues. Maintaining awareness is crucial to having a successful team and blog.

You may also need to recreate your documents into different languages to accommodate non-native English speakers. This breaks down communication barriers.


Managing a multicultural team for your blog is challenging. Not only does this require you to adapt to different cultures and personalities, but it also presents surprising challenges along the way.

However, you can have an easier time doing this by following the tips mentioned above. They are proven effective many times. Just remember to foster camaraderie, resiliency, and tolerance, while being professional.

Spend time with your team outside work and have fun occasionally. When you do, then you’ll have a healthier and happier blog that’s geared for higher conversions.

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