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Bloggers: How to Market Your Holiday Deals

An easy-to-follow guide for bloggers and other content creators

The holiday season is quickly approaching, so let’s discuss any potential plans you might have as a blogger, writer, or general entrepreneur. Whether you’re in the business of selling guides on your blog, books on Amazon, or have a thriving membership site, here are some easy-to-implement tactics to help market your holiday deals.

Always Plan Ahead

As a blogger and entrepreneur, you should know that planning ahead is vital to your long-term success.

Do you have an existing info product (guide) or a service to sell? If so, could you modify it for the holidays by updating your ad copy or its graphical design? Have you considered how you will present it on your website and what pages they will appear on?

These things take time, so avoid last-minute fixes. Your overall approach could mean the difference between a highly profitable deal and a complete waste of your time.

Build Some Hype

There’s nothing wrong with a little hype as long as it isn’t misleading or downright deceiving.

Even if you don’t have a huge social media following or many newsletter subscribers, you can still spread the word with the help of others. Consider traffic sources like JustRetweet and Viral Content Buzz, which are essentially communities for bloggers to share content on your behalf.

Also think of guest blogging on a few targeted websites (this is also where planning ahead comes in). All in all, you don’t have to feel all alone when promoting holiday deals as a blogger, regardless of your following.

Do Early Bird Specials

fifty-percent-1426592_640Compensate those who actually listened and checked out your product or service early. Note: not to be taken in the classical sense of “early morning hours.”

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to lower the price of their offering during a holiday deal, but how about going even lower for those early buyers? You may otherwise reward them with similar perks, such as one extra free month for your membership site or something exclusive not available to anyone else.

These simple strategies to market your holiday deals would encourage some to take full advantage of your limited-time offer.

Rely on Scarcity

Speaking of limitations, consider offering something uniquely special to those who meet a certain criteria or set of requirements. This is a classic, yet effective tactic to market your holiday deals and use it on occasion throughout the year.

Let’s say you’re getting ready to launch your brand new membership site for WordPress beginners, full of explainer videos and other sources. What can you give to the first 10 or 25 subscribers? Perks don’t necessarily have to come in the form of money; think of giving them exclusive tutoring or mentoring over the phone or Skype, but only to those who act fast.

Be Available for a Chat

arrangement-511707_640Here’s another one for accessibility: You should put prospects at ease by being available on Skype or through the use of a WordPress live chat plugin.

Many prospects don’t feel quite comfortable purchasing online, especially when they know you very well. But if I were on the fence and I could easily reach you on the spot for any pre-sales questions, chances are you will have a brand new customer depending on the answers given.

Oftentimes, people simply need to know that there is a human being behind the screen. Come to their level and have a nice conversation before they purchase. You won’t regret it.

Provide Different Packages

Avid content creators often have several books about related subjects. For example: Various guides about WordPress, list building tips, making money, starting your online business, and much more.

By bundling similar guides as a package, you’re practically taking the “thinking” out of the equation. This gives your readers an easier experience when making purchase decisions, whether you’re advertising your catalog or offering subscription memberships of different levels as opposed to just one tier.

Your Turn

How are you planning to market your holiday deals throughout the remainder of the year? Can you discuss anything you might have tried in the past? How did it work out and what would you do differently this year?

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