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Marry SEO and Social Media to Generate More Blog Traffic

Over the years, search engine optimization has lost its monopoly in digital marketing. No longer are online businesses relying solely on SEO to meet their goals.

Since the Panda update, websites have become more deliberate with the SEO tactics they use to hike up their search ranking for their target keywords. They have also used other methods like content marketing and email marketing to get more organic traffic to their business pages.

To meet your business goals faster with your website, you will have to diversify your strategy to include other marketing tactics. This way, you increase your traffic sources and not depend on the volatile algorithm of search engines that constantly change.

Are you saying I shouldn’t use SEO anymore?

Not at all. In fact, SEO has become more important than ever, especially when combined with other traffic generating techniques.

Just like self-storage aggregators, you can generate leads and sales from customers if you rank high enough on search results for your target keywords.

If you are running a blog, a way of getting the most out of your SEO efforts is to combine it with social media promotions. This way, you are able to maximize the search ranking factors of your blog posts, as well as share your content to your followers and target audience in social media.

To do this, below is an infographic created by Salesforce on what you should do with your blog content before hitting the “Publish” button.


For a larger version of the infographic, as well as a more elaborate explanation of each point mentioned, click here for the original post at Salesforce Blog.


The importance of keyword research

All traffic-generating blog posts have one thing in common – they are grounded on effective keyword research.

Aside from the tools mentioned in the infographic, use Übersuggest and Keyword Tool as alternatives to Google Keyword Planner. Both tools provide more keyword suggestions to help you find your target keywords faster. Keyword Tool also uses Google Autocomplete feature to extract more suggestions for your research.

By finding the most appropriate keywords for your blog posts, you can produce keyword-specific content in your blog, allowing you to rank in search results.

Publish time matters

The time when you will publish and share your posts plays an important role in maximizing views of your newly written blog post.

For those who to share their blog content on Twitter but have little clue when most of their followers are online, use Tweriod for find the hours in the day when they are mostly logged in. Also read this post at Quicksprout to find out the best times to share your post on other social media channels.

It would help if you use a tool like Buffer, Hootsuite , or other social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts at optimum times in advance.

Content rules

As mentioned, combining SEO with other marketing tactics can help your optimization efforts much more effective. Aside from social media, making sure that your content is well-written, informative, and actionable will help make ranking for your keywords and getting social shares much easier.

To do this, refer to the Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean. By following the steps of this technique like Christopher Gimmer did, it will help you produce a content that everybody will want to link to and share on their social media.

Final thoughts: Doing SEO have changed throughout the years, but it is by no means less effective than before. The only thing you should keep in mind is provide value in your blog content so there will be reason for your target audience to visit, read, and share your post. By doing this, you can expect to make good in your SEO and other marketing efforts.

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