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Marshall Kirkpatrick Shares Work Flow after Leaving TechCrunch

The editor of TechCrunch for the last six months, many people have seen stories that Marshall has posted, and come to know his style, personality, and become jealous of how he is able to find the latest news. After leaving TechCrunch to pursue his own work once again, he decided to release some details on his work flow that helped double the RSS subscribers.

RSS feeds make it possible to consume far more information at a faster pace than would otherwise be possible for the human brain. That said, many people experience a new level of information overload once they begin reading feeds. Here’s an overview of how I read thousands of RSS feeds without breaking a sweat.

He then talks about finding a good start page like Original Signal, PageFlakes or one of my favourites, Popurls, organizing a feed reader program, and making sure the high priority stories are able to find you through RSS to SMS or other such services.
It is the simple tips and reminders that can sometimes be the most helpful, so check out the article on Marshall Kirkpatrick’s site.