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Matt Mullenweg on Random Bits Podcast

Is it just me, or is Matt getting better at being interviewed in podcasts? This latest one with him on the Random Bits Podcast is amazing. Some great questions and a very candid Matt made the experience great. I highly recommend listening in.
Here is some text from the site:

This episode with Matt is a great one whether you are a developer, blogger, or both! But before I get started, let me first apologize for the break in episodes. We had some technical difficulties and one of our interviews didn’t record…twice! Yes, that’s right. Neil Patel talked to me on two separate occasions, and BOTH conversations failed to record. They were great talks so I hope that one day, I have the nerve to ask Neil to do it again!!
Back to my talk with Matt. I got to talk to him after some pretty big events: Blog World Expo, the announcement of the WordPress Theme MarketPlace, and the infamous PR update. Matt also tells us about the future of WordPress! This conversation really does speak for itself; have a listen now!

Very well done, and I am glad to see Matt continuing to be so approachable.