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Matt Mullenweg to Speak at Northern Voice

Last year was really my first year of attending events related to blogging, but thankfully, I get to do it again this year, and one of the conferences I am going to is Northern Voice, a two day event being held in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada that starts off with a Barcamp-like day called Moosecamp, with a second day being a more traditional conference event.
This year the keynote speaker is Matt Mullenweg. You might have heard of him, as he is Mr. WordPress. His keynote speech is entitled “Blogging & Social Media: Where do we go from here?” and it should be really interesting, as he’s always had a fairly strong, and optimistic point of view on the blogosphere.
If you haven’t already bought your ticket for Nothern Voice, you are out of luck, as they recently sold out, as they do every year they have the event.
For those WordPress fanboy’s out there, Lloyd Budd, the Canadian on the Automattic team, will also be in attendance for the event.