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Matt Says 2.0.x For Non-Serious Bloggers

I know this is a little tabloid, but I thought it was interesting. I have stated my opinion on the WordPress podcast a few times that people should switch to 2.1, as the auto-save feature alone was worth it, but Matt Mullenweg has gone a step farther saying that people serious about their blogs don’t use the 2.0.x branch.
This comes from a recent plugin addition by Matt allowing random redirects which isn’t compatible with the 2.0.x branch of WordPress.
He says and I quote, “I have no plans to make it compatible with 2.0. If you’re serious about your blog, you should be on 2.1.”.
Did he go a little too far in saying that? Well maybe, but it does show that while they do support the older branch for security releases, Matt, himself, doesn’t support the idea of sticking with it for your blog.
Check out the post yourself. There hasn’t been much feedback on what Matt has said as of yet, but it is probably better to focus on the nifty plugin he released anyways.