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Matt Tired of the Web 2.0 Interviews

Matt Mullenweg posted his thoughts today on being interviewed by different groups, and it made me laugh more than once. I can see the frustration behind the writing, as main stream media thinks of WordPress and Automattic like a Web 2.0 startup.

I think what they really want is an unusually young founder, possibly with a partner, who stumbled on an idea in an epiphany moment, implemented it in days, and then enjoyed overnight success, preferably capped with some sort of financial hook such as a huge VC funding or selling out to a large company for millions of dollars.
It’s not uncommon to get leading questions trying to hit a point in the above patterns… Yes, WordPress really is four years old. I was 19. No, I didn’t create it alone, if I did you would have never heard of it. Actually, it entered a rather crowded field, not even close to being first. No, not planning to sell it, there isn’t really anything to sell, it’s more of a movement. No, I didn’t make 60 million dollars in 18 months.

I really feel for Matt in this respect, but honestly, any press is good press, and WordPress, and thus Matt deserves the attention. Despite all my nitpicking, its a great piece of software, and if it brings the wrong type of entrepreneur to the web, my only hope is that they think of something good before flaming out, so that the community can reverse engineer it and adopt it as part of WordPress.
Sidenote: Best post from Matt on his blog for a while now, definitely a must read.