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Meeting Lloyd Budd

If you don’t know Lloyd Budd, then you haven’t been paying attention. Lloyd, an ex-Flock guy, now works with Automattic, the people that make WordPress.
The Digital Entomologist, as they call him on Automattic’s website, was at MooseCamp to mingle with the crowd’s of WordPress users and attend some of the sessions.
It was great to see him there, and I wish more Automattic employees came to Canada for the small, but important event.
I got to talk to Lloyd about WordPress, blogging and whatnot, and he was a very approachable, and interesting guy. He sees as a great testbed, and loves working with Automattic. He had nothing but great things to say about the company, and its approach with everything it does. He gave some “big up’s” to Matt Mullenweg, as a person who can see the big picture.
I bugged him about a few things that were annoying me, like getting everything first, almost like being the spoiled child. He told me that it doesn’t mean it won’t come out to users, but we have to be patient. My conversation with him was very disarming, and he was very patient as I interrogated him. He laughed a fair bit, letting me know he doesn’t know any secrets.
We touched on Habari, and while he seemed impressed that there was a fair bit of talent in that group, he didn’t seem to be nervous about its development. I also asked him about WordCamp, and when it was going to come out, and it seems that is a daily point of contention between the group as family matters have put delays on it currently.
Oh, and if you want a job with Automattic, make sure you are a meat eater. Lloyd couldn’t stress that enough. Even if you are coming to WordCamp, as it should be “come for the meat, and stay for the WordPress”.
If you ever run in Lloyd Budd, have a chat with him. He’s a great guy, and if others in Automattic are like him, the company will continue to be amazing.
Note: Still waiting for a hosted statistic application from the Automattic crew as well as some tools like 37signals has with WordPress user integration… Hint, hint, nudge, nudge.
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