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Meeting Robert Scoble

If you don’t know who Robert Scoble is, then you have missed some very interesting stories and a very influental blogger and videocaster.
Well, Scoble was at Northern Voice this year, as well as last year it seems, and he was a very approachable guy. Sitting with his PodTech camera, he talked to people, just like a normal guy.
The ex-Microsoft employee was very nice and patient. I got to talk to him about a few things, including Microsoft, traffic and trends, as well as his reasons for coming to Northern Voice.
In regards to traffic, he mentions not being impressed with stats that some people put out that say they are doing hundreds of thousands of uniques. To him it is more important if traffic is growing. He actually says that the doubling effect is much more important than the stats from today or last week. If a site is not doubling in traffic over a given period then its not performing well.
I asked him if he missed Microsoft at all, and his response was “not yet”. He does miss knowing what was going on in the company, but otherwise he is more than happy where he currently is, and if he ever went back to Microsoft, it wouldn’t be less than for a pile of money.
One of the things I found most ammusing is that people were pitching videocast productions to him while at MooseCamp for his PodTech company. It was interesting to watch.
Scoble also admitted to me that he doesn’t understand the celebrity status that he has gotten, as he considers himself only a connector. He takes news stories, picks out his favorite, and publishes links and sometimes opinions. I suppose most of the biggest and best online think of themselves as just average people that have gotten some special attention for no special reason.
What do you think seperates people like Scoble and people with under one hundred uniques a month?