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Membership Loyalty and Blogs

If you are wanting to build your brand, it never hurts to have some method to allow people to become a member.
Coffee shops understand this, and so do some sub and sandwich shops. Creating a membership service allows people to feel like they belong to a club, group or organization, and that there are special benefits attached to that membership.
With your blog, you can provide membership services that will also help your blog and brand continue to grow.
How? Well, through RSS subscriptions, private subscription services, e-mail subscriptions, and member only areas of the blog.
Why would you want to take time to do this? Well, it could help you attain some of the goals with your blog. Do you want to have a thousand people subscribed to your RSS feed? By giving them extra content not found on the blog, you can convert even some casual readers into subscribers.
Do you want to make money off your blog? A paid subscription to premium content might help with that, or by having ads on your feeds and promoting RSS feeds, you might be giving yourself another chance at getting the clicks that will mean the difference between a coffee a month, and ordering a nice supper from your favourite restaurant.
These things take time and energy to do and you really have to understand your audience, but by providing your readers a “group” to be part of, it could end up being the thing you need to bring a community together and really grow your blog. Involving your readership in new and exciting ways will set you apart from the masses.