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MFA Declining, MFL the New “It” Thing?

Our sister blog, TechSoapBox has put up a post regarding made for adsense sites, also known as just MFA sites, have started to be replaced by MFL sites, or made for linkbait.

A Google search for Made for Adsense incidentally has a Wikipedia entry on scraper sites as the #1 result. Definitely not a popular concept.
But MFAs are in the past. The problem is they require too much effort – sure people are still doing it and making money, but there is a better alternative now.
Made for Linkbait (MFL).
I’ve covered shortcomings of user-generated content sites like Digg before. I’ve pointed out how people quickly jump on a bandwagon without checking facts. It seems one of the first things to go with user-generated content is fact-checking.
And so we have sites that spring up overnight with some sensational headline, grab a ton of links, and then a few months later either have ads thrown all over them or are redirected to another site for SEO-benefits (after gaining a few hundred diverse links).

Reading all the sites out there on how to properly format headlines and whatnot. You would think that we would get smarter about writing, but unfortunately now it seems it is all about getting people to feel a strong emotion to get links, fame and eventually money. Definetly an interesting trend, but not one I hope to see continuing to gain ground in the world.