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Microsoft’s New Enthusiast Evangelist

Since Scoble left Microsoft’s rank, I am sure they have been looking for a person to replace him in the blogosphere. Someone that could get people on board with all the things Microsoft is doing. Someone that could tell it like it is, and still have people swaying towards a pro-Microsoft attitude.
They think they have found that person in Michael Gartenberg.
Who is that?
From his blog:

Prior to Microsoft, Michael was Vice President & Research Director at JupiterResearch where led Jupiter’s research team on emerging consumer technologies as well as directed Jupiter’s custom research group. At Jupiter, he also launched Jupiter’s analyst weblogs and podcasts which made JupiterResearch the first analyst firm to embrace this new medium.

While he seems excited about this whole idea, I have to say he has a long way to go before he becomes a trusted person by bloggers and “enthusiasts”. Some of the first comments on his post about the change of careers were that he has instantly lost credibility.
What do you think? Does talking about the company you work for make you less credible? Will he ever be able to replace Scoble? I am interested to see what initiatives he takes and how approachable he is.