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Movable Type 4.0 Released

There aren’t as many Movable Type users as their once were, but with their latest release, the tides could shift in their favor once again. The new Movable Type 4.0 has some great new additions, and some people are saying that it slightly one-ups WordPress, especially when you look at how great Movable Type handles multiple blogs, and its new administration panel looks slick.
Darren was able to talk with Anil Dash about the new version, here is a snippet from that:

What will MT users upgrading to 4.0 notice the most about the new version?
Right off the top, the new user interface puts things like statistics on your comment and posting activity front and center. So you’ve got the ability to judge your blog’s success immediately, and then you can filter those views or get an XML feed of what’s going on with your block with just a click. Of course, things like editing and revising entries are a lot easier, too, with an all-new rich text editor and asset management and niceties like automatic saving of drafts and automatic conversion of curly quotes from MS Word.

Competition will help the blogging software market, so I look forward to Movable Type’s renewed presence in that arena, especially their open source version coming later this year.