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Movable Type: Universal Template Set

Movable Type is trying to take a bite out of one of their competitors markets by becoming a little more CMS-like with their new Universal Template set.
First off, before I dive deeper into what the Universal Template is, I want to say that when I saw the front end of the new Universal Template, I was very impressed. It is very stylish and could easily be the new platform that many blogs use when creating their brand.
From the Movable Type Blog:

For the last several weeks, Jim Ramsey has been developing a new web site design using Movable Type 4.1’s new template set and theming infrastructure. His goals were simple:

  • make it easy for users to create not just a blog, but an entire web site
  • create a web site that guides the user through customization right out of the box
  • architect a set of templates that is more intuitive to customize

The result of his work is pretty incredible – so much so that we decided to include the new template set, called the “Universal Template Set,” with the new Professional Pack. Users will be able to get a sneak preview of the feature next week when we release Movable Type 4.1 Release Candidate 2 announced yesterday.

It is definitely worth checking out the screencast they have set up to demonstrate the new template set.
To be honest, I am really surprised that Movable Type didn’t get more coverage for this new release as these are the types of developments that are going to help Movable Type compete in the current blogging related market.