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Movable Type vs. WordPress

Over at Business Logs, Mike Rundle, a well known designer, has come up with a little MT vs WP post in which he talks about the changes that both WordPress and Movable Type need to make to really become the market leader. It would be really interesting if they both came together to work on a publishing platform as where one has a problem, the other has that strength.

It seems to me that unless Six Apart really gets its act together and revitalizes the entire Movable Type application, codebase, and community, new bloggers will no longer use MT but will use WordPress instead, a change that’s already happening. WP’s active development and range of free blog themes to choose from are extremely inviting to new bloggers. I know that a very nice WP admin theme is currently brewing so we’ll have to see if it can live up to the standard that MT has set.

Posts like this, especially on bigger websites always strike up a conversation, so keep checking back on the comments, as I am sure opinions will be flying back and forth.