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Moving a Blog

Okay BloggingPro readers, I need a hand. I am looking at moving myself from my long time blog to another blog that I am working on, but I don’t want to lose some of what I have built up.
I am looking at switching domains, designs, and focus for the new blog, so being able to export posts from a few categories on my current blog, and have such posts either deleted on the original blog, or have people forwarded over to the new blog when looking for posts under those categories. I would also like to find a way to transfer my Google Page rank to the new site, as my current site has just finally hit a PR6, and it will definitely not be worth that once I change it from an everything blog that it is now, to more of just a family update site.
My new blog is where I will be focusing most of my time and effort, and so I wanted to get it started on the right foot. So if you have tips on moving parts of a blog from one domain to another, I would love to hear them.